Sunday 13 December 2015

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[EVENT REPORT] Sephora Plaza Senayan Opening Store

Hi babes,

The wait is finally over.. today i'm attending the opening of Sephora 3rd store at Plaza Senayan. The opening ceremony is started on 12 noon, but when i arrived at 10pm, the lining is already looongg... They came not only for shopping, but also for the free goodies. As usual in every Sephora opening store, there will be lotsa goodies. Not only one but loooootttss..hahaa.

Before they starts the opening ceremony, Mr. Junaidi Lim as General Manager of PT Panen Wangi Abadi for Sephora Indonesia give some speech & also introduces 8 girls (including me :pp) as the first Sephora Indonesia Beauty Influencer. These 8 girls are selected from hundreds of participants, and all of them came from different background.

In this new store i saw some new goodies which are not available yet in 2 other Sephora stores, They're Too Faced Le Grand Palais Palette, Too Faced Melted French Kisses, and In Love Rollerball Parfums.

Congrats for the 3rd opening store my dear Sephora Indonesia, it's an honor to be one of your beauty influencer. i do heart Sephora, do you ?

Look at those crowd :o  (Pic by Sephora Indonesia)

Sephora Dance by Sephora Team

Too Faced Le Grand Palais Palette

Sephora Collection (Pic by Sephora Indonesia)

All Beauty Influencers with Ucita Pohan & Agnes Oryza

Sephora Indonesia Beauty Influencers with Aldo Akira

Posing together with Mr. Junaidi Lim & Aldo Akira (Pic by Sephora Indonesia)

Babes, don't forget to check IG account of Sephora Indonesia, they're having #GiftOdyssey giveaway for this holiday season. And also other Sephora Indonesia Beauty Influencer's blog & IG account :

  1. Sephora Indonesia : sephoraidn
  2. Andrea Hamdan, IG : deahamdan
  3. Tiara Nabila, IG : tiaranabilag
  4. Felicia Marcellina ,IG : feliciamarcellina
  5. Cut Nisa, IG : cutnisa
  6. Kusuma Hastuti, IG : kusuma_cr
  7. Sonia Tahir IG: soniatahirmakeup
  8. Girindra Kara, IG : girindrakara




  1. selamat atas pemubkaan sephora di plasa senayan

  2. Congratulation sephora. Ditunggu openingnya dikota lain. Congratulation juga buat kak Mira, bisa ikut berpartisipasi di acara openingnya sephora. @indriwl_